by Justin Harrison

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social networking interfaces have increasingly found widespread acceptance. Free applications like these are utilized attract countless users to other websites and online offerings, making them quite useful to the business-savvy and tech-smart. Social Media Marketing is the moniker assigned to promotions offered through online tools like these.

How do webmasters and start-ups utilize these sites to their advantage? Firstly, the price is right. Anybody can create an account and begin networking across the globe for free in seconds. Business minds and web wizards join these social networks and begin promoting themselves and their respective offerings. Such individuals craft signatures and offer support to other network users at no cost; in return, they get name recognition. Without spending, this is unquestionably the quickest and most intuitive way to build a brand. Why should sell yourself and ideas through social media marketing? Several justifications present themselves:

First and foremost is because it is free. As previously mentioned, these applications cost nothing with the exception of when a company wants to dedicate a section of the page solely for their use. The rest however, such as posting, comments, and responses are free.

Targeting the right audience. Blogs and forums are directed towards specific audiences who are serious about the topic being discussed. For instance a webmaster who is attempting to advertise for website pertaining to technology may find suitable consumers by joining forums that discuss technology. Because they are hitting a market with a high probability of needing their services, there is no need to advertise to those who may not.

Video advertising at no cost. Social media applications let you post video advertisements for free. Youtube is the major application of free videos, but almost all social networking sites, like Facebook, allow free video sharing. Videos are the best way to promote your product and potential buyers are motivated to buy a product when they are entertained by the advertisement. Customer Feedback. Previous customers can give good reviews of your company, and even start discussions about your product or service. This will promote your products by the voice of normal people that have nothing to do with the company. Testimonials can be a powerful tool. This type of publicity will create confidence in your company and lead to many new customers.

Fourth, social media marketing offers personal accounts and discussions. Satisfied clients use these social media tools to promote in their own way: word of mouth. Testimonials, positive reviews, and impromptu discussions about the company and its products are riddled across these sites as you read. This is yet another means to advertise and market offerings, and it does so with the support of happy customers. Potential consumers establish confidence in your products by reading these unbiased accounts.

There are many reasons why social media marketing is the practical solution for your company and these were only the beginning. This type of promoting will reach a massive audience, and do so at a very small price. Most of the services are absolutely free. Since you can reach a global audience, the sky is the limit on the potential of reaching customers with the internet.

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