2734473 f260SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) is an applicable factor when optimizing your blog or website. In order to reach good to excellent page rank results, here are my Top 15 FREE Search engine optimization Tools For Blogs which is used by most of seo expert worldwide:

1.Advanced Meta Tag Generator

This tool grants you to add pertinent meta tags to your site.

2.Check Server Headers

Checking your server making sure that the proper HTTP Status Codes (200, 301, 302, 304, 307, 404, 410) are being returned in the server headers, is very significant!

3.Code to Text Ratio

If you write a lot of articles, (which you must be doing on your blog) this tool will help you discover the percentage of text in a web page (as compared to the combined text and code).

4.Domain Typo Generator

Enter any domain name into the field, and this tool will generate a list of suggestions of likely human misspellings and typos for the given domain. Very useful for keywords for search engines like google to choose up on.

5.Future PageRank

Everyone knows that page rank is somewhat significant especially if you want to be recognized by other bloggers. This tool will search Google’s many data centers to analyze any changes in PageRank values for a given URL.

6.Google Keyword Suggestions

Similar to Google AdWords Keyword Tool, this keyword suggestion software for Google will help you choose relevant and ideal terms related to your selected key term.

7.Google Suggest Scraper

Similar to above but a quick shortcut that shows frequently search for phrases starting with the words and letters in your query.

8.Google vs Yahoo

Every person knows that Google and Yahoo compete with one a new each trying to get one step ahead. This tool will run an estimated search query in both Google and Yahoo and then graphically compare each results side-by-side.

9.Indexed Pages

This tool will show you the total link count for each URL from most of the big guys: (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista, and AlltheWeb).

10.Keyword Cloud

Just like you have seen on blogs, this provides a visual representation of keywords used on a internet site with the bigger, bolder words showing higher search queries.

11.Keyword Typo Generator

Similar to “Domain Typo Generator”, provide a keyword or key term into the box and this tool will generate a list of suggestions for likely human misspellings and typos which will give you an edge.

12.Meta Analyzer

Some say it doesn’t topic and some say it does. I believe that it is never to safe to do some extra to your site! This tool will analyze a website’s meta tags. Analyzing a competitor’s keyword and description meta values is a excellent technique to find ideas and various techniques for key terms and more effective copy for your site or blog.

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