Many people overlook an important element of proper SEO, which is how much content should go on a page for your website in order to be ranked highly. Of course, as with all areas of SEO, many people have many different opinions and thoughts regarding this matter. The end result that you should stick with will be different from someone else, because you will have your own specific needs, goals and concerns. Despite the differences that may arise though, there are a few concrete guidelines that you can follow.

Some people feel that doing the minimum amount of work for anything to produce the maximum amount of results is the smartest strategy. In truth though, with SEO, the more content you have the better for your site. Every page on your website that you want to get ranked in the search engines has to provide something that enables that. A page with just a dozen words won’t rank, because there’s hardly anything there. Not only are you not associating yourself with your targeted market, but the page isn’t providing any true value. Therefore, the more content the better for SEO, as a very general guideline to begin your work.

Pages that provide solid, unique information get rewarded, and that’s another important SEO principle to remember. Even though more content is generally better than none, you don’t get rewarded for having worthless content. Stuffing your page with keywords and random text for example won’t get you ranked at all, and could even cause your rankings to take a hit as a result. Additionally, copying text and content from other websites and adding them to your own isn’t going to do you any good either.

A minimum for any page on your website that you are trying to get ranked in the search engines with SEO should be approximately 250 words. With that said, there is nothing wrong with a content page with 1,000 or 2,000 words of content, as long as it’s all on topic, and it doesn’t look bad in the layout of your website. Most webmasters like to break those longer pages up into multiple smaller pages to keep everything more aesthetically pleasing, while also providing more opportunities to get individual pages ranked highly in the search engines.

Ultimately, your mission with SEO and page content is to make your page unique, fresh and highly aligned with your market in the eyes of the search engines. On top of that, the content you provide needs to be worthwhile enough to site visitors so that they will actually look at it and put it to use. In many cases, 250 words will get the job done, but in many others 500 words are needed and on down the line.

Be sure to include plenty of informative, unique and useful content on all of your pages in order to boost your SEO success. However, don’t feel that you need to be excessive or that you should throw any kind of mumbo-jumbo or retread words up on your site for fast results. Say what you need to say, include the appropriate keywords and your site’s SEO will be improved dramatically.

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