The use of different display and formatting tags throughout your content can help give you an easy SEO boost. One formatting tag that is particularly important is the H1 title or headline tag. It’s the highest level of formatting, and therefore can carry some interesting benefits for your website.

When used on a website, the H1 tag is used to show the headline or title of a page. At first it was nothing more than a formatting tag, helping to distinguish a title or headline visually. However, like many other formatting tags it also carries an implied importance because of the emphasis that is placed on it.

When you emphasize a particular word or phrase on a website, you are highlighting its importance visually to the reader. But the code used to make that emphasis is important because it tells the search engines of your intended emphasis, and therefore the relevance of the highlighted text.

You can therefore think of the H1 attribute being the single most important piece of formatted text on any given page. Because of this meaning, it can also be an invaluable way to help target your visitors and get ranked in the search engines through SEO.

When you use the H1 tag on a webpage, you are giving that page a headline or a title. The headline or title is the most important piece of content on that page that you have. It tells people what the entire page is all about. So when you include your keywords into your H1 tags, you are showcasing your keywords as the single most important element of your entire page.

In this way you can easily increase your SEO success and get found higher in the search engines for your targeted words and phrases. You are literally telling the search engines that on a particular page, the most important content on that page is directly tied to your targeted keywords, and that offers a large boost.

Some people have questioned whether or not the H1 title tag is still effective for SEO. This is because various people have completed conflicting studies showing that display tags such as this no longer produce any noticeable change in rankings for a particular web page.

While in those individual cases that may be true, it’s hard to whitewash the entire field that shows that H1 tags can be used effectively for your website’s SEO. Until it’s clearly proven that H1 is no longer used by the search engines, you should assume that it’s still an effective way to help your site improve its rankings. Just always keep in mind that SEO always changes, and what works today might not work in the future.

By using the H1 headline tag on a webpage, you showcase and differentiate your title visually from everything else. This visual change conducted with the H1 tag signals an added relevancy to anything within the tag. Therefore, it’s a fantastic place for your keywords and can help you rise through the search engines.

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