You might be a person who has signed up to link farms or free-for-all link sites that show a link to your site, giving you a way to increase site traffic. Well, many website owners have had exactly the same idea! The link to your site will get lost in the crowd of links on the page, will disappear when fresher links appear, and you’re susceptible to unwanted emails. The easy path is not the best one for promoting your web site.

Save money on submissions to paid search engines and paid hits services, and save on submitter software claiming to increase your popularity that instead makes you look like a spammer. These are the kinds of things that make your site easy to ignore.

There are websites that receive little traffic as a result of the owner’s failure to plan. Just for a moment, let’s leave aside your painstakingly developed, valuable custom content and contemplate your plans for marketing it. It’s not a good sign if all you could get were a couple links, traffic or banner exchanges. Traffic exchange means visitors, but more likely than not non-specific ones. Exceptional design is not the be-all and end-all of running a website; you will need a marketing plan and you will need to define your objective. You will need to establish long- and short-term business targets in order to determine the actions required to accomplish these targets.

New webmasters commonly neglect to define their target market. Regardless of its value to humanity, your great thing will go unnoticed if the promotion of your web site promotion isn’t targeted to a demographic. Mass emails are too random–not the way to the top. Like with link listings, your web site will be mired in obscurity. Give yourself time to ponder who, exactly, will be ecstatic to have your ironically-themed stationery made from salvaged goods and you’ll make a name for yourself as an oracle instead of that “crazy junk person”.

Maybe you’re one of the few who ended up with an endless stream of visitors after launching the website. However, now it’s looking quiet and traffic shows no sign of increasing. Maybe you’ve become self-assured about promoting your site. You need to keep your site visible in order to stay on top. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process, or you will need to make your appearance in the forums again. The surest way to narrow your reach is to confine yourself to a single type of promotion. You don’t have to be only an active forum contributor and not a regular newsletter sender. Make your voice heard–you should be in many places at once, making your presence known.


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